The SVB technical specialists

Everything began with technology on board. Since day one, the SVB team has been focused on the sale of innovative watersports products, and has built an unmatched reputation for itself over the last few decades: the SVB technical specialists can answer (almost) any of your questions!


Electronics and electrical

Electronics, navigation, electricity and energy - the passion of the SVB crew. You want to know how the navigational electronics from various brands connect to each other or you're confused about how to install the drivers for your GPS on your PC? You want to replace your conventional VDO transmitter with an ultrasonic transducer or you don't know how to easily get internet and Wi-Fi on board? You need help with your 12-volt power grid or you need some advice on selecting new on board batteries? Our SVB electrical and electronic professionals enjoy advising you during your purchase and they will never let you down!

  • On-site electronics test-station
  • SVB inventions: sea charts finder, seatec AIS-6, seatec panel and much more
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On deck

Sailing makes you happy! This is especially true for those with professional equipment on board, recommended by experienced sailors. The SVB specialist team has a passion for running and standing rigging, blocks, winches, traveler systems and everything that goes along with them. We are happy to advise you on everything pertaining to deck equipment - from hatches, to fenders, to windlasses.

  • Wide-variety of products
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Anchoring, Docking & Rigging

It has been said that a skipper's true colors show while performing the berthing maneuver. We say that the quality of one's equipment also plays a large roll and we are pleased to advise our customers on the various technical accessories surrounding anchoring and berthing! From a suitable windlass to the right anchor, from mooring lines to the optimal fenders - our SVB watersports experts are always on your side, to offer you the advise that you deserve.

  • individual rigging manufacturing
  • high quality at low prices
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Farbe & Pflege

Colors, care and interior construction

Fresh paint - our specialty! No other vessel is exposed to the elements of nature, like a is boat in water. Saltwater, algae, and barnacles stress the hull and deck to a great degree. Waves and wind gusts can also cause the jetty to move around, leading to possible scratching and abrasions. At SVB, you will find the right color for your hull, special sealant for cracks in PVC, gentle detergents for combating dirt and grime, as well as the suitable tools for accomplishing these tasks. Our boat builders and color specialists will help you choose the right products in the correct amounts, depending on vessel size, material and sailing area.

  • Helpful tips & tricks for color and care products
  • Advice for the application of wood on board
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Navigation and sea charts

Only a few years ago, paper sea charts were the only reliable navigational aids on board. This was all changed after the arrival and widespread usage of multifunctional devices with built in GPS, AIS, RADAR and electronic sea charts. Of course, traditional paper sea charts cannot be left out on board of any vessel, due to the fact that they simplify the usage of electronic sea chart systems from the vendors: NAVIONICS, C-MAP or BlueChart many times over. In order to help you find the ideal chart for your chart plotter, we have developed the SVB online-sea chart finder.

  • SVB sea chart finder
  • Paper and electronic sea charts
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Hardware, motors and sanitation

Are you thinking about installing an air conditioning unit on board? Or do you need replacement parts for your boat's motor? Do you want a custom-made product for your boat's propeller or are you thinking about installing a hydraulic steering system? Then you are looking in the right place, as our technicians and engineers will help you plan out these projects, while offering you professional advice. Whether it's an onboard toilet, pressurized water pumps, valves, tanks and hoses, or heating and cooling - just give us a call!

  • Propeller calculation with the use of high-quality materials
  • Service kits and replacement parts
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Safety on board

Your safety is our priority! Because there are no general, statutory safety regulations for the personal use of pleasure crafts and yachts in Germany, we can help you equip your vessel with the necessary safety equipment and materials. Lifejackets, liferafts, first-aid kits, and signaling equipment, among many other items are included on our safety checklist. Within Germany, SVB works together with TNT and Comet, to provide you with the exclusive shipping of pyrotechnics. SVB and our safety experts are also certified service stations for various lifejacket and liferaft manufacturers. Learn more here under the category 'Maintenance' »

  • Certified product maintenance
  • Complete documentation of maintenance in the log or control book
  • Trained SVB maintenance professionals
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