Purchasing, products & quality

SVB doesn't just stand for technical advice and fast deliveries - both domestic and abroad; but we also stand for our comprehensive, innovative, and very meticulously selected product range. We are proud to be able to present our customers with Europe's most comprehensive selection of sailing and watersports products. The over 20,000 products that we carry are not just purchased by our purchasing department, but also photographed, described and checked as well.


Purchasing department

SVB has evolved during the past few decades to become one of Europe's largest watersport outfitters. Our purchasing volume allows us to offer you innovative products at the best prices, while being able to constantly hold large quantities of stock as well. Our SVB purchasing team visits international trade fairs and invites new suppliers back to our facilities in Bremen, where we can inspect and select products with SVB potential.

suppliers from all over the world


Quality management & after-sales

"We make sure that you can always count on the quality of our products, even in the most dangerous of situations" says André, our After Sales Manager. Each new, technical product is assessed, and if possible also tested by SVB specialists. Additionally, each incoming customer product rating is read and followed up by SVB quality and product management specialists, in order to check for and correct any errors or defects straight away.

product ratings are written daily
on our website


Product management

Once a product has made it in to our SVB selection, it goes to product management, where it is priced, described, translated in to other languages from German, photographed, and put in to our online shop. When a new product is lucky enough, it can get a sought-after spot in our annual SVB catalog, to be presented to you at the beginning of each new year.

new product pictures are
taken on average each year


SVB's own brand SEATEC

In 1998, company owner and manager Thomas Stamann founded his own brand SEATEC. The first product, which held the SEATEC brand name was our SEATEC switchboard. To date, we have expanded our SEATEC product selection to offer 284 different products, which we design ourselves and then have produced by renowned manufacturers mainly within Europe. From the popular SEATEC folding bicycle, to new SEATEC Diamond Care conditioning series products, to the latest lifejackets, to the SEATEC high performance fender - all SEATEC products are planned by our product management team, designed by our graphic artists, and ordered by our purchasing department.

SEATEC bestsellers

  • Boat fenders
  • Lifejackets & Dinghies
  • Folding bicycle
  • Switchboards
  • AIS
  • Antifouling & Care series