Get up to 500€ cashback now!

Get up to 500 € cashback!

Purchase a qualifying chartplotter from SIMRAD, B&G or LOWRANCE and a qualifying nautical chart or accessory between 1 Sep 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 and you'll get up to 500 € cash back.

It's this easy:

1 Buy plotter & C-MAP nautical chart or accessory

Buy a qualifying SIMRAD, B&G or LOWRANCE chartplotter and a selected C-MAP nautical chart or accessory between the 1st September 2020 - 31st October 2020 and receive up to 500 € cashback.

2 Register on the Navico customer portal

28 days after purchase (by 11 December 2020 at the latest) you can register on the Navico customer portal website by entering your address and bank details and providing proof of purchase.

3 Reimbursement

A refund of the cashback amount will be made by Navico after 4 weeks to the indicated bank account.

100€ cashback

available on the following devices:
Simrad GO series

200€ cashback

available on the following devices:
Simrad GO Series, B&G Vulcan, Lowrance HDS Live Series

300€ cashback

available on the following devices:
Simrad GO series, B&G Vulcan, Lowrance HDS Live series

400€ cashback

available on the following devices:
B&G Vulcan series, Lowrance HDS Live series

500€ Cashback

available on the following devices:
Lowrance HDS Live series

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    Qualifying charts

    SVB No. Chart code Chart size Name
    21472 EN-Y050 Continental C-MAP MAX N+ Central and Northern
    26137 EN-Y055 Continental C-MAP MAX N+ Baltic Sea
    24280 EW-Y060 Continental C-MAP MAX N+ Central and West Europe
    21470 EM-Y045 Continental C-MAP MAX N+Southern Europe Continental
    18784 EN-Y299 Wide C-MAP MAX-N+ Baltic Sea And Denmark
    18783 EN-Y300 Wide C-MAP MAX-N+ North Sea And Denmark
    18822 EW-Y226 Wide C-MAP MAX-N+ UK, Ireland And The Channel
    18826 EM-Y076 Wide C-MAP MAX-N+ South-West European Coasts
    18821 EW-Y227 Wide C-MAP MAX-N+ North-West European Coasts
    18823 EW-Y228 Wide C-MAP MAX-N+ West European Coasts
    18580 EM-Y120 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Western Part Of Black Sea
    18587 EM-Y128 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Central Aegean Sea
    21152 EM-Y141 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Gulf Of Lion
    21154 EM-Y143 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Ventimiglia To Giannutri Island
    21164 EM-Y153 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Gioia Tauro To Bari
    18789 EN-Y068 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Central European Lakes
    18787 EN-Y080 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Germany Inland
    18691 EN-Y270 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Figeholm To Malmo
    18695 EN-Y309 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Gulf Of Finland, West
    26134 EN-Y325 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Finland Lakes
    21168 EN-Y330 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Belgium Nieuwpoort To Amsterdam
    21169 EN-Y331 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Karlskrona to Emden
    21046 EN-Y334 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Scheveningen To Sylt
    21173 EN-Y336 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Hoganas To Fredrikstad-Vanem
    21176 EN-Y338 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Bjornn To Valsviken And Sorfjarden
    18697 EN-Y340 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Hoernefors To Torsoen
    18703 EN-Y584 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Oslofjorden
    18796 EN-Y590 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Scandinavia Inland Waters
    18707 EN-Y592 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Aardal To Maaloey
    18708 EN-Y593 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Dalsfjorden To Brandsfjorden
    18709 EN-Y594 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Smoela To Glomfjorden
    18711 EN-Y596 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Lavangsfjorden To Bukta
    19419 EN-Y614 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Latvia, Lithuania & Russia
    18721 EN-Y802 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Polish Inland Waters
    18722 EN-Y803 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Polish Coasts
    18703 EN-Y584 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Oslofjorden
    18738 EW-Y135 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Portugal Coasts
    21193 EW-Y235 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ French Inland
    18640 EW-Y311 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Madeira, Azores And Canary Islands
    21187 EW-Y319 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Lizard Point To Littlehampton
    21189 EW-Y321 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Liverpool To Swansea
    26135 EW-Y333 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Ireland West & SW Coasts
    21192 EW-Y324 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Western Isles To Fair Isle
    21194 EW-Y326 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Montrose To Wells Harbour
    18797 AF-Y209 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ South-East Africa
    18809 NA-Y065 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ The Caribbean and Central
    18734 AF-Y219 Local C-MAP MAX-N+ Mauritius And Reunion Islands

    Qualifying accessories

    SVB No. NAVICO No. Manufacturer Name
    81551 000-13291-001 Simrad AP44 VRF Pack Medium Capacity
    81549 000-13337-001 Simrad NAC-2 VRF CORE PACK
    81550 000-13338-001 Simrad NAC-3 VRF Core Pack
    81552 000-13562-001 Simrad AP44 VRF Pack High Capaciity
    93665 000-11748-001 Simrad Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack
    93666 000-11749-001 Simrad Outboard Pilot Cable steer Pack
    81537 000-13293-001 Simrad IS42 Speed / Depth pack
    81639 000-13609-001 Simrad NAIS-500 WITH GPS-500
    81703 000-13963-001 Simrad NAIS-500 + NSPL-500 + GPS-500 + N2K
    81639 000-13609-001 Simrad NAIS-500 WITH GPS-500
    81765 000-14537-001 Simrad HALO20,SIMRAD,20”,RADAR
    81766 000-14536-001 Simrad HALO20+,SIMRAD,20”,RADAR
    81694 000-14535-001 Simrad HALO24,SIMRAD,24”,RADAR
    81519 000-12607-001 Simrad PRECISION-9 COMPASS
    81465 000-11674-001 Simrad ForwardScan™ XDCR kit
    81707 000-14491-001 Simrad NRS20S DSC Class D VHF, Built in GPS
    81549 000-13337-001 B&G NAC-2 VRF CORE PACK
    81550 000-13338-001 B&G NAC-3 VRF Core Pack
    81667 000-13561-001 B&G Triton² Pilot Controller & Display
    81496 000-13298-001 B&G Triton² Speed / Depth pack
    81739 000-14955-001 B&G Triton² Speed / Depth / Wind pack
    81730 000-14956-001 B&G Triton² Speed / Depth / (Wireless) Wind pack
    81703 000-13963-001 B&G NAIS-500 + NSPL-500 + GPS-500 + N2K
    81639 000-13609-001 B&G NAIS-500 WITH GPS-500
    95571 000-13612-001 B&G NSPL-500
    80238 000-14492-001 B&G VHF MARINE RADIO,DSC,V20S w/GPS
    80235 000-14471-001 B&G VHF MARINE RADIO,DSC, AIS-RX,V60
    81761 000-14540-001 B&G HALO20,B&G,20”,RADAR
    81762 000-14539-001 B&G HALO20+,B&G,20”,RADAR
    81695 000-14538-001 B&G HALO24,B&G,24”,RADAR
    81519 000-12607-001 B&G PRECISION-9 COMPASS
    81465 000-11674-001 B&G ForwardScan™ XDCR kit
    81661 000-14391-001 B&G WS310 Wired Wind Sensor
    81766 000-11748-001 Lowrance Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack
    93666 000-11749-001 Lowrance Outboard Pilot Cable steer Pack
    81763 000-14543-001 Lowrance HALO20,LOWRANCE,20”,RADAR
    81764 000-14542-001 Lowrance HALO20+,LOWRANCE,20”,RADAR
    81696 000-14541-001 Lowrance HALO24,LOWRANCE,24”,RADAR
    85176 000-14493-001 Lowrance VHF MARINE RADIO,DSC,LINK-6S
    85177 000-14472-001 Lowrance VHF MARINE RADIO,DSC, AIS-RX,LINK-9
    81693 000-14489-001 Lowrance Active Imaging 3-IN-1 Transducer: 7.6 m (25 ft) cable
    81398 000-12301-001 Lowrance SONICHUB 2 + LOWRANCE SPEAKERS (pr.)
    81465 000-11674-001 Lowrance ForwardScan™ XDCR kit

    Notes on the Navico C-MAP cashback offer

    The Navico cash back campaign is for end customers only. Commercial buyers and Navico employees are excluded from this promotion.

    This offer is valid for customers who purchase a qualifying product from a participating official Navico distributor in EMEA (Europe, Africa and the Middle East). It does not apply to purchases made in other regions, even if the buyer is resident in Europe, Africa or the Middle East.

    Cashback is only available on the purchase of the qualifying products specified between 01.09.2020 and 31.10.2020. To receive the respective cashback amount, a qualifying chartplotter and a qualifying C-MAP N+ chart or qualifying accessory must be purchased in one order transaction. You will not receive cashback for used or reconditioned products or plotters purchased via online auction sites (e.g. ebay). Plotters sold as part of a set or installed as standard equipment on a newly purchased boat do not qualify for the cashback promotion.

    Cashback is only available for qualifying part numbers/SKU numbers which are part of this offer according to the full terms and conditions.

    This offer cannot be combined with other offers.

    By participating in this offer, you acknowledge that Navico assumes no obligations other than the discount on qualifying products. Navico is not liable for any subsequent loss or damage.

    In order to receive the discount, you must submit proof of purchase, the product series number and your personal contact and bank details, at the earliest 28 days after date of purchase, via the corresponding online portal, to Navico.

    Payment of the cashback amount will be made at the earliest four weeks after registration on the Navico online portal.

    Cashback claims are not accepted from boat builders, resellers, charter companies and Navico employees.

    We reserve the right to refuse any claim that does not comply with these terms and conditions. By participating in the Navico cashback program, you accept the terms and conditions.

    All cashback applications must be submitted directly by the end user and are not accepted by third parties.

    We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

    Products that have already been registered for previous promotions cannot be re-registered.

    All cashback requests must be submitted before 11 December 2020. Claims filed after this date, whether legitimate or not, will not be accepted!

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