Functional sailing clothing, wherever you sail

Your Second Skin:
Functional sailing clothing, wherever you sail

Functional clothing only 'functions' as part of a complete system. Wearing just a breathable sailing jacket on its own won’t be enough. Our guide to functional sailing clothing gives tips on how to layer correctly, what types of sailing clothing are recommended depending on the sailing area, and what material differences and features are available from the most popular manufacturers of sailing clothing.

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The various clothing layers when sailing

Whenever a person is active, he or she creates energy. Unfortunately, only 20% of that energy is used productively, the rest is used to generate warmth. So that our body does not overheat, it starts to sweat, which keeps us cool. In order to avoid a build-up of heat and moisture between our skin and clothing, it is recommended to wear functional clothing, which manages moisture and acts as a kind of second skin to create a comfortable body temperature.

Adopting the onion principle has proven to be the best for all outdoor activities. By combining different layers of clothing, you are able to adapt to changing weather conditions and the difference between physical exertion and resting.

Create a base layer with functional underwear

Functional underwear forms the basis of good sailing clothing. This is worn close to the skin and is designed to quickly remove moisture from the body. Effective functional underwear made of polyester or natural merino wool absorbs moisture over a large area and carries it to the outside, where it dries off or is absorbed by the middle layer.

The base layer can be made of synthetic fibre or, as shown here, 100% natural wool from merino sheep.

Middle layer

For breathability, thermal insulation and sun protection

The middle layer of any sailing clothing also provides effective moisture management. The properties that this layer of clothing has also depend on where you are and the type of climate you are in: In addition to functional clothing made of fast-drying synthetic fibres or odour-neutralising merino wool, fleece fabrics are also suitable for cooler seasons or colder regions. These are cuddly soft, light garments which provide enormous warmth, have excellent insulating properties and dry quickly.

On warm days the middle layer can also be worn as an outer layer.

Breathable waterproof clothing to protect against weather and waves

The outer layer of sailing clothing serves primarily for weather protection but also as the final layer for moisture removal. The choice of how robust, windproof and waterproof your sailing jacket and trousers should be, depends on the sailing area: If you want your clothing to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, temperature fluctuations and the highest demands, you should choose ocean and offshore clothing. All well-known manufacturers of sailing clothing have special high-performance series available - Below we give you an overview of the clothing brands SEATEC (SVB's own brand), MUSTO and GILL and explain how the manufacturer's water column can be classified.

Outer layer
Seatec works

SEATEC Sailing Clothing WORKS Advanced

SEATEC WORKS advanced is highly functional, hard-wearing water sports clothing for offshore use. The 2-layer fabric with MPU membrane and mesh lining are sealed together. Making the material robust yet light. Water column: 20,000 mm.

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All features at a glance

  • Height adjustable face protection, fleece-lined inside
  • 3MTM reflective strips on the shoulders and on the fluorescant hood
  • Inside: Rubberised cuffs, Outside: Arm cuffs with velcro fastening
  • 2 layer material MPU-membrane and mesh inner lining
Seatec costal mood

SEATEC Sailing Clothing Coastal CS2

SEATEC Coastal CS2 is a light inshore clothing for motorboaters and coastal sailors. The 2-layer fabric with MPU membrane is extremely light yet also robust. Water column: 10,000 mm.

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All features at a glance

  • Medium high collar with fleece lining
  • 3MTM reflectors
  • Double cuffs with PU-coated inner cuffs and an inner hem
  • 2-layer nylon material with MPU coating

MUSTO Sailing Clothing HPX Ocean

MUSTO HPX waterproof clothing is widely recognised by sailors for its superior performance in terms of waterproofness, durability and breathability. Ideal for deep sea and demanding offshore sailing. The fabric construction consists of a 3-layer laminate with Gore-Tex® Pro Ocean Technology® membrane and GoreTM Micro Grid lining. The outer material is extremely durable, while the inner material is very soft and comfortable. The breathable, microporous membrane is laminated between these layers. Water column: 28,000 mm.

The front-runner in performance: MUSTO HPX Ocean waterproof clothing for blue water sailors and professional use.

All features at a glance

  • GORE-TEX® Stretch inserts for freedom of movement
  • Adjustable cuffs with neoprene insert
  • Offshore collar
  • Pack away fluorescent GORE-TEX® hood

MUSTO Sailing Clothing MPX Offshore

MUSTO MPX Offshore waterproof gear is a versatile range of clothing that offers the best results in terms of breathability, durability and wearing comfort. Optimal functional clothing for offshore, coastal and regatta sailing. The MPX laminate also consists of three layers: a strong reinforcing fabric at the top, soft and comfortable polyester on the inside and a membrane with an oil-repellent protective layer in between. In contrast to HPX, a lighter version of the Gore-Tex membrane is used here.
Water column: 28,000 mm.

YACHT Magazine

YACHT magazine recently reviewed the new MUSTO MPX combination of sailing jacket and trousers in issue 7/2018 in the English Channel in tough conditions and awarded it 4 out of 5 possible stars. The only drawback is the price.


HPX or MPX? - The difference is in the detail



Membran: GORE-TEX® Pro Ocean Technology®

Water column: 28,000 mm

Best performance for high-sea sailors and demanding offshore sailors.

HPX fabric consists of a 3-layer laminate with GORE-TEX® Pro Ocean membrane and a soft MicroGrid nylon inner layer. The outer material consists of a highly resistant polyester fabric.

When used under extreme conditions and sustained exposure, the membrane offers the best possible performance in terms of breathability, waterproofness and wind resistance. The GORE-TEX® membrane is coated with an oil-repellent agent to prevent the micropores from clogging.



Membran: GORE-TEX® Pro Technology®

Water column: 28,000 mm

Universal use, ideal for offshore and coastal sailing or regatta sailing.

MPX fabric consists of a 3-layer laminate with a lighter GORE-TEX® Pro membrane than HPX. The outer material is a resistant polyamide fabric.

When used regularly under extreme conditions, this membrane delivers excellent results in terms of breathability, waterproofness and wind resistance. The GORE-TEX® membrane also has an oil-repellent coating to prevent clogging of the micropores.


GILL Sailing Clothing OS1 / OS2 / OS3

GILL sailing clothing is renowned for its good fit and sophisticated technical features. The OS1 series consists of a permanently waterproof and breathable 4-ply high-performance fabric and gives blue water sailors extensive protection against rough ocean conditions.

All features at a glance

  • Fleece lined high collar
  • Velcro sleeves
  • Insulated hand warming pockets
  • 3M Scotchlite Reflectors

GILL OS1 / OS2 / OS3 im Vergleich

GILL OS 1 Ocean

GILL OS 1 Ocean

  • 4-layer high performance fabric long-lasting waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • Water column: 35,000 mm
  • Uncompromising protection for blue water sailors exposed to the harshest ocean conditions. OS1 gives ocean sailors complete protection with taped seams and many features to protect against the harsh ocean environment.
GILL OS2 Offshore

GILL OS2 Offshore

  • 2-layer, lightweight high-performance fabric, long-lasting waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • Water column: 30,000 mm
  • Perfect for day trips as well as longer regattas. The 2-layer laminated, breathable fabric offers excellent protection against wind and water.
GILL OS3 Coastal

GILL OS3 Coastal

  • 2-layer, lightweight high-performance fabric, long-lasting waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • Water column: 15,000 mm
  • Light clothing for coastal sailing. Durable with water-repellent effect, quick-drying lining.

In summary

There is no single, all-encompassing sailing clothing. In order to cater for the diverse demands of water sports, one must always be aware of where one is sailing, what the prevailing conditions are, and then select the right sailing clothing for ocean, offshore or coastal use. More and more technical innovations and accessories make life on the water more pleasant than ever before: they keep us warm, dry and make us feel more comfortable on board. However, it is important to remember that functional clothing can only "work" as a complete system when combined with a base layer, middle layer and outer layer. Each layer must be breathable and transport any resulting body moisture to the outside. Even MUSTO's high-performance HPX gear cannot function properly if a moisture-absorbing material such as cotton is worn underneath.

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