Long Fenders

Fenders protect from scratches, scrapes and major damage to the sides of your and other boats during mooring manoeuvres in the harbour. They also cushion against bumps and jolts when docking at the jetty. Long fenders can be attached with a fender line or an additional fender hook both vertically and horizontally outside the boat. Learn more about Long Fenders...
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Long Fenders

- Standard fenders for every boat -

Long fenders are probably the most common type of fender. They are practical and easy to handle. There are two eyed long and centre cored long fender types. The number and size of fenders carried depends on the size of the boat. You can read more about this in our fender guide. It is better to choose a fender size that is too large than too small. For cleaning fenders we recommend our SEATEC fender cleaner. 

How do I inflate my fender correctly?

We deliver inflatable long fenders without air and they have to be inflated by yourself. The Polyform fender pump is perfect for this. This air pump is NOT suitable for inflating our SEATEC fenders. We recommend inflating our SEATEC fenders at a petrol station or with an air compressor in the harbour.

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Hans J.L. V. on 08.12.2021

Perfecte organisatie SVB.de

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Danny B. on 09.09.2021

Zending was eerst verloren gegaan bij DHL, maar werd opnieuw geleverd door SVB. Dank voor de goede service

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Marc V. on 25.08.2021

Top service en snel geleverd!