Cooling Units

On board air cooling units
Air cooled units release heat to the outside air with their dynamically ventilated condenser. Thus, no additional installation is required (eg: seawater hose). Learn more about Cooling Units...

SP cooling
The SP unit is cooled directly by the surrounding water. No fans or pumps are required to remove the heat produced by the compressor, which means it consumes less battery power and operates remarkably quietly. The Isotherm SP unit uses the natural movement of the hull to draw heat down and out through a special fitting in the galley sink drain hose.

ASU system
The Isotherm ASU system is preserves the maximum cooling capacity of the batteries. It detects when excess energy is supplied by the engine alternator and then increases the power of the compressor to generate cold more quickly in the refrigerated space.

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David B. on 05.05.2020

zeer te Vreden van jullie diensten top

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Ben S. on 24.02.2020

Zoals altijd heeft ook deze keer SVB goede kwaliteit producten tegen een redelijke prijs geleverd. Ook de verzendkosten blijven binnen de perken. Ook als er wat mis gaat is SVB steeds met een oplossing. Zonder meer aanbevelingswaardig.

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Ben S. on 13.11.2019

No comments. Excellent as usual.

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