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Product image of  Kerosene Heater
Kerosene Heater
"perfekt geleverd en een super kachel"
Product image of MOBICOOL MCF40 Compressor Cooler
MOBICOOL MCF40 Compressor Cooler
"Je betaalt iets meer voor het compacte formaat maar dat is het me zeker waard. Inhoud 38 liter en het goedkopere vierkante model is 40 liter. Deze koelbox is makkelijker te verplaatsen en het digitale display met precieze instelling van de temperatuur is geweldig."
Product image of  Replacement wick for Kerosine Heater
Replacement wick for Kerosine Heater
"perfekt geleverd en een super kachel"
Product image of MOBICOOL MCF32 Compressor Cooler
MOBICOOL MCF32 Compressor Cooler
"Dit toestel is relatief klein in afmetingen maar groot in prestaties. Koelt heel snel zonder teveel lawaai te maken. Eens op temperatuur slaat motor af. Temperatuur eenvoudig in te stellen en af te lezen. Zowel 12V als 220V wat handig is. Behoudt ook zonder stroom goed de temperatuur. Grote inhoud. Een compressor koelkast is echt in niets te vergelijken met andere koelboxen. Een echte aanrader. Levering door SVB was echt in orde."
Product image of ISOTHERM Compact Classic Cooling System
ISOTHERM Compact Classic Cooling System
"Mindere kwaliteit dan een Waeco. Spijtig dat er geen betere info bij is voor het plooien van de evaporator. Althans toch tevreden."
Product image of  Omnia Holiday Oven
Omnia Holiday Oven
"Zeer goed product, perfect alternatief voor een oven"
Product image of GOK GAZ® Safety Valve for Butane Gas Cylinders
GOK GAZ® Safety Valve for Butane Gas Cylinders
"perfect fit"
Product image of ISOTHERM Smart Energy Control Kit
ISOTHERM Smart Energy Control Kit
"Werkt uitstekend goed product"
Product image of BAVARIA Wire Basket Insert for Coolers
BAVARIA Wire Basket Insert for Coolers
"Het blijft wel jammer dat de order pas wordt verzonden als alles binnen is. Ik heb nu bijna twee maanden moeten wachten omdat de drie gordijnraillopers van een euro er niet waren."
Product image of WEBASTO Thru-Hull for Water Heater
WEBASTO Thru-Hull for Water Heater
"Webasto exhaust insulation sleeve is well made and effective (exhaust is cool enough to grasp with insulation in place). It is also expensive and requires the exhaust to be removed and straightened to fit existing installations. No provision for brackets supporting the exhaust."

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Mobile living made easy Our society is becoming more and more global, many people maintain an increasingly more mobile lifestyle. Some in their daily work, others in their free time. They all have the same essential needs such as cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene, maintaining a pleasant temperature and a supply of energy. The concept for DOMETIC's marine division results from this simple insight: Stay on the ocean - mobile living made easy.
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Logo Webasto
The Webasto feeling: enjoy a relaxing atmosphere on board, regardless of the weather outside! Webasto is known for its complete range of comfortable solutions concerning heating, air conditioning and roofing systems. They also offer a wide range of specialty products for the marine market. Based on their long-standing experience and investments, they are a leading player on the market.
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Isothermal marine refrigerators, an Indel Webasto Marine brand offers innovative and reliable, energy efficient fridges and freezers for the sailing and motor boat sector. Their product range also includes a variety of refrigerators, installation top loader coolers, travel boxes, wine cabinets, water boilers, safes, as well as individual solutions for more comfort on board your boat.
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Logo GOK
Safety when grilling and cooking outdoors, heating with a lot of comfort - whether in a motorhome or at sea. GOK makes it possible. The company from the Würzburg area is one of the top addresses when it comes to high-quality control systems for liquid gas and heating oil. Equipment manufacturers, caravan and boat outfitters as well as camping enthusiasts and recreational boaters from all over the world trust these products.
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Logo Wallas
Since 1972, Wallas-Marine Oy has been designing and manufacturing heaters, stoves and ovens for marine use. Great quality is ensured by means of strict quality control processes for each part within their product line, no matter how small! Everything is done at the same location, from drafting and designing to packaging and quality control.
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Whatever you need for life below deck can be found here. Diesel, petroleum or water heaters? Stove or cooker? What is there to know when it comes to gas? Experienced skippers have long recognised that life below deck plays at least as big a role as life on deck. Because here, it's all about the feel-good-factor. Keep yourself and your crew happy by making sure your cooking, heating and cooling facilites on board are fully functional and in good supply. After all, it's not without good reason that the ship's cook was oftern keelhauled when the food didn't tast good! 
Cooking, Cooling, Heating

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Danny B. on 09.09.2021

Zending was eerst verloren gegaan bij DHL, maar werd opnieuw geleverd door SVB. Dank voor de goede service

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Marc V. on 25.08.2021

Top service en snel geleverd!

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J.J. W. on 27.06.2021

Alles bestens, wie immer