Paddles & Rudder Accessories for Inflatables

Every SEATEC inflatable boat is supplied with 2 paddles. If one of your paddles gets lost or broken, find here various replacement paddles. You can also easily order suitable rudder sleeves or oar collars to protect your rudders against wear, as well as oar locks and knurled nuts for oarlocks.  Learn more about Paddles & Rudder Accessories...

Inflatable boat paddles and rowing accessories

- Find the right spare parts for your inflatable boat -

Seatec inflatable boats are supplied with 2 oars. If one of your rubber dinghy's paddles gets lost or broken, find a replacement here. Oar locks, rudder sleeves and oar collars are also available as spare parts for our Seatec inflatable boats.

How are dinghy paddles assembled?

Dinghy oars each consist of two parts which are put together by first pressing down the safety pin, and then pushing the second part over it. Make sure that the pin is firmly locked in place after pushing together.

How are oars attached to the inflatable boat?

Secure the oars in the oarlocks by inserting the oarlock pin through the hole in the oar sleeve. Then fix the oarlock with the knurled screw.

When should oars not be used & where are inflatable oars kept when not in use?

Use either the supplied oars or an outboard motor to move your inflatable boat. Which to use depends on the wind and sea conditions. Oars won't be powerful enough to withstand tidal currents of the open sea or strong winds. In this case, fit your dinghy with an outboard motor. When you're not using your oars, they can be clamped to a bracket at the stern of the inflatable boat. If using an outboard motor to propel your dinghy, you should still always keep oars on board in case the motor is damaged.

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