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Boost your independence with an off-grid solar power system. A belief shared by PHAESUN, a company founded in 2001 and based in Memmingen, Germany. PHASEUN offers mobile & stationary solar modules and accessories on both the domestic and international markets. With an in-house development and innovation department, PHASEUN designs reliable and efficient off-grid solar components, so that the we can all benefit from the energy from the sun and increase our quality of life.
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Developed for the harsh conditions at sea - SUNWARE solar panels and charge controllers. Since 1987, the company has been developing solar panels for the special challenges of saltwater usage, while always paying the greatest attention to quality.
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For three decades, VOTRONIC has been developing, manufacturing and servicing electronic devices for mobile use in motorhomes, caravans and on boats. Thirty years is an eternity in the electronics world. Only high-quality product lines can successfully assert themselves on the market for so long. Experience the difference between simple technology and solid engineering work "Made in Germany" with VOTRONIC. In order to permanently meet the high quality standards, the company from Lauterbach introduced the quality assurance system DIN ISO 9001 back in 2000. SVB carries solar regulators and battery monitors for optimum energy management on board, in your motorhome or caravan.
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The Swedish manufacturer SUNBEAM system is the market leader in flexible and walk-on solar panels. These solar panels are developed for use in demanding conditions and are ideal for water sports. The high-tech panels provide a reliable source of energy and guarantee the highest possible yield per square meter. They feature a minimal loss of efficiency and good performance even at low light intensity. The solar panels are very small due to the high efficiency of the individual solar cells. 
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VICTRON Energy is one of the world's best-known manufacturers of devices used in battery and charging technology, as well as self-sufficient power supply, with a wide range of high-quality products. Their reliable devices are used in the maritime and caravaning sector, as well as industrial applications. 
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Zonnenpanelen & Windgeneratoren

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Ewoud R. on 26.05.2022

Snelle en betaalbare levering in Portugal

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Uitstekende en super snelle levering. Perfect!!!

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RUDY V. on 05.04.2022

levering werd perfect uitgevoerd