Boat Plywood

Wood enhanced. Due to the specific strength of plywood panels, they are not only perfect for the interior design of your boat, but also for mobile homes or your own home. Plywood consists of at least three layers of glued wood, making them light but robust. Boat plywood can be used for constructive or decorative purposes in interior finishing. Our marine plywood with RINA certification is also suitable for outdoor use. Learn more about Boat Plywood...
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Constructive Interior Fittings

Plywood in various colour tones
Our boat plywood is available in 4 different veneers: Cherry, Teak, Sapeli Mahogany and Khaya Mahogany. This way you can individually adapt the plywood for interior finishing to match the furnishings of your boat.

Boat plywood - applicable in many areas
Our floor panels with teak or Khaya mahogany veneer give your boat's interior a sophisticated look. The black or white rubber joints create a classic deck look. Our plywood decorative veneer panels are ideal for the interior finishing of your boat. Our Okumé plywood panels are the best and cheapest solution for construction-type interior fittings such as storage boxes, partition walls and berth boards. If you place additional value on acoustic insulation, you should opt for our sound-insulating Okumé panels with rubber core. Our marine plywood is also ideal for outdoor use. 

Marine plywood made to measure
Our plywood panels are available in thicknesses from 2 mm to 19 mm, depending on the application and type of wood. Most plywood panels are 2480 or 2500 mm long and 1200 or 1220 mm wide. Some of our outdoor floor and marine plywood panels are also available in lengths of 3100 mm and widths up to 1600 mm. Please note that there may be higher transport costs for whole plywood panels due to their size. To avoid this, you can also order plywood panels halved horizontally or vertically or quater panels. We will also be happy to cut your selected plywood panel to the exact millimetre you require. The configuration of your desired plywood panels is incredibly easy thanks to our plywood cutting tool.

Double-sided or single-sided plywood panels?
We provide our high-quality boat plywood with decorative sliced veneer in two different qualities:
1. A/B veneer: usable on both sides
2. A/C veneer: usable on one side

Quality A: best quality, same color, finest structure
Quality B: good quality, slight color variations and structural changes permitted
Quality C: Okumé plywood


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David B. on 05.05.2020

zeer te Vreden van jullie diensten top

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Ben S. on 24.02.2020

Zoals altijd heeft ook deze keer SVB goede kwaliteit producten tegen een redelijke prijs geleverd. Ook de verzendkosten blijven binnen de perken. Ook als er wat mis gaat is SVB steeds met een oplossing. Zonder meer aanbevelingswaardig.

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Ben S. on 13.11.2019

No comments. Excellent as usual.

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