Varnishing Rollers for Boats

Paint rollers should be used for applying boat paint and antifouling over a large area without leaving streaks. Hard-to-reach areas can then be painted with brushes. Various materials are suitable for varnishing rollers, depending on the type of boat paint being applied. Our range consists of  PU and velour rollers for enhancing and maintaining your boat with coloured or clear varnish and for applying antifouling. Learn more about Varnishing Rollers...
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Applying antifouling with a roller
Our category "Varnishing Rollers" includes various rollers for painting your boat, sailboat, motorboat or catamaran. Our SVB paint experts recommend using rollers for applying antifouling. Rollers have many advantages over brushes. Better coverage, they are faster and give a smooth, streak-free finish. Here we offer you a wide range of ribbed and mini rollers, lambswool and foam rollers, as well as the right paint rollers and roller sets for your GRP and underwater work. In addition, we have spare rollers, paint rollers, as well as radiator rollers for your boat restoration. Due to its properties, the ribbed roller is particularly suitable for the air relief of GRP parts with curves. The mini-roller is perfect for polyester resin processing and very precise GRP air relief work. Excellent for epoxy and 1-component as well as 2-component paint systems, our paint roller is speedy, with unparalleled paint absorption and gives expert painting results. The polyurethane roller allows epoxy coatings to be applied quickly and evenly, while the velour roller is ideal for painting radiators.

SVB expert tip: Always apply thin layer antifouling with a roller, because brushes can lose fine hair and damage the protective layer of the antifouling.

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David B. on 05.05.2020

zeer te Vreden van jullie diensten top

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Ben S. on 24.02.2020

Zoals altijd heeft ook deze keer SVB goede kwaliteit producten tegen een redelijke prijs geleverd. Ook de verzendkosten blijven binnen de perken. Ook als er wat mis gaat is SVB steeds met een oplossing. Zonder meer aanbevelingswaardig.

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Ben S. on 13.11.2019

No comments. Excellent as usual.

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