Epoxy Resin for Boats

The universal resin for all boat repairs and yacht refits: buy epoxy from us at low prices. Whether it's just minor damage, building new parts or a complete dream yacht, you cannot avoid epoxy resin in modern boat building. With appropriate filling agents, it is thus possible to make multi-purpose filler for further work on board. Before you buy epoxy resin and for tips on how to use it, check out our epoxy guide. Learn more about Epoxy Resin...

Advantages of epoxy resin vs. polyester

Epoxy resin vs. polyester resin

Epoxy resin is odourless and can therefore also be used indoors. Epoxy resin adheres well to wood, metal and many other surfaces and has a high strength. In contrast to polyester resin, epoxy resin can also be applied at relatively low temperatures and indoors.

Working with epoxy resin

When applying epoxy resin, the exact hardener to resin ratio must be meticulously observed! Our SVB experts recommend using a scale or syringe to ensure this. Curing speed depends on the epoxy resin mixture. You can use epoxy with filling agents to make putty for boat repairs. Fillers for epoxy include micro-light filler and micro-fibre filler. Epoxy resin should not be used with glass fibre mats, but together with glass fibre or glass filament fabrics, carbon fibre and carbon fabrics and Kevlar. Never use gelcoat on epoxy resin, as the hull will not harden. Epoxy thinner can be used as an "epoxy resin remover" to clean used tools. These are available from several manufacturers in our online shop.

In the SVB online shop you can buy epoxy resin at low prices and learn important information about boat repair with resin in our epoxy guide. Buy resin and start your boat repair!

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