Polyester Resin for Boats

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Polyester Resin
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SEATEC Polyester Resin
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Polyester Resin for Boats

Advantages of polyester resin compared to epoxy resin
The biggest advantage of polyester resin over epoxy resin is that it is easier to work with. The right amount of hardener is also important for polyester resin, but the ratio is slightly more variable than for epoxy resin. Polyester resin is cheaper than epoxy resin.
Applying polyester resin
Polyester smells very strong as it contains styrene, especially when it hardens. It is therefore essential to use appropriate protective clothing when working with it! Polyester resin should only be used on polyester boats, never on boats made of epoxy resin, as the resin will flake off after some time. The resin should be applied at a temperature of at least 15-18° C. Polyester resin can easily be applied with glass fibre mats or with glass fabric.

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