Wet Suits & Neoprene Shoes

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Aqua Shoes
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PERTH SHORTY Wetsuit / blue
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Wet Suits & Neoprene Shoes

Which material thickness should I choose for a wetsuit?

As far as the material thickness of wetsuits is concerned: the thicker the material, the warmer! From 20° C water temperature models with 2 mm are sufficient, at water temperatures around 10° a 5 mm thick wetsuit is recommended. Typically there is always a slightly thicker material in the body than in the arms.

The advantage of thinner wetsuits is that they are flexible and pliable. So-called shortys with short arms and legs are ideal for surfing or on the SUP in summer. The material is usually water permeable, hence the name wetsuit. Models that are closed at the front with a zipper are particularly practical for putting on and taking off. But even neoprene suits that can be closed on the back can be easily opened with a long strap on the zipper.

For a long-lasting performance, the wetsuit should always be rinsed with fresh water after wearing and always dried in the shade. Direct sunlight and UV rays make the fast-drying neoprene material brittle over time.

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