Thinner for Antifouling and Primers

Thinning your antifouling product can be useful in hot or cold temperatures if its flow properties are no longer as they were. Diluting antifouling can also be advantageous in extremely windy weather or when applying a top coat. Buy thinner for antifouling and work with the optimal consistency of antifouling.

Altered layer thickness of antifouling by thinning

- When does a thinner make sense? -

The thickness of the layer of antifouling paint is reduced by thinning and more layers of antifouling may have to be applied than would have been necessary without adding a thinner. Our SVB experts therefore recommend that you follow this simple advice when thinning antifouling paint: Use as much as is necessary, as little as possible! 

Brand Thinner Compatible Antifouling
International International Thinner No. 3 - International Micron 350
- International Micron Extra EU
- International Cruiser 250
- International Cruiser Uno EU
- International Boatguard 100
- International Boatguard EU
- International Cruiser 200
- International Cruiser Brigt White
- International Trilux 33
- International Ultra 300
- International Ultra EU
International VC General Thinner - International VC Offshore EU
- International VC 17m Extra
- International Trilux Prop-O-Drev
Hempel Hempel Thinner 808 / No. 3 - Hempel Mille Dynamic
- Hempel Hard Racing
- Hempel Glide Speed
- Hempel Glide Cruise
- Hempel Aluxtra
- Hempel Mille Plus
- Hempel Water Glide
- Hempel Mille Ultimate
Seatec Seatec Antifouling Thinner - Seatec Sprint Pro
- Seatec Standard Pro
- Seatec GTI 30

In our online shop you will find thinner for antifouling and primers of the well-known brands International, Seatec, Boero and Hempel. Buy Antifouling Thinner at a great price and get the maximum performance from your antifouling.

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