Life Jackets for Children & Babies

Life Jackets for Children & Babies

Life Jackets for Children & Babies

Our selection of life jackets in the smallest sizes! In our range you will find foam lifejackets and automatic lifejackets for babies and children between 3 and 50 kg body weight. A lifejacket for children should have reflective strips, a crotch strap, a signal whistle and a rescue sling to which an additional safety line can be attached. 
People have very different opinions about which type of lifejacket is right for children on a boat. The most important aspects to consider when making a decision are the life jacket's characteristics and their suitability to its use.

For children who are not yet able to swim, we recommend a foam lifejacket, as it is immediately ready for use and provides constant buoyancy in an emergency. The child is more visible thanks to the signal-coloured vest cover and can be quickly pulled out of the water with the rescue sling. The large collar of a foam vest is also helpful, as it keeps the small non-swimmer's head firmly above the water. 

However, if you are planning a longer sailing trip with children, you should definitely consider an automatic jacket that is more comfortable to wear and has a higher buoyancy in an emergency. An automatic jacket often comes with useful accessories as standard, such as a harness or a life jacket light holder. Attention: This type of jacket has no buoyancy force when not inflated and the child is submerged slightly before the life jacket opens!

We supply children's automatic jackets or inflatable life jackets for children over 15 kg from various manufacturers such as Kadematic, spinlock or SECUMARFoam life jackets are available for babies weighing 3 kg or more

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