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Life Jackets - Maintenance
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Life Jackets - Maintenance
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Life Jackets - Maintenance

In order to guarantee the maximum service life of your automatic life jacket, it must be inspected at least every two years by an authorised service centre or the manufacturer. 

As an authorised maintenance point, SVB offers you a standardised, professional and certified maintenance service for life jackets of the brands Spinlock, SECUMAR, bfa marine, KADEMATIC, Marinepool, SOSTECHNIK, PLASTIMO and SEATEC. Maintenance is carried out according to specified standards and is performed exclusively by trained specialists. The inspection performed is completely documented for you and presented transparently in a log or control book. 

Our maintenance service for automatic life jackets includes the following: 
  • Inspection of the protective cover and swim bladder for damage
  • 16 hour density test of the swim bladder
  • check of the trigger function and mouth valve
  • Inserting new seals / checking the CO2 cartridge
  • General visual inspection in particular of the belt system
  • Guarantee of functionality until the next test date

Our maintenance facility is located directly on site in Bremen. Feel free to arrange an appointment for a service with us or simply send us your jackets for maintenance.

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