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The DEEPER fishfinder is equally suitable for amateurs and professionals and works according to the echo sounder principle, which does not just show the depth of water, but also fish and the seafloor conditions as well.
The so-called emission angle of 15° at 290 kHz is always leveled by three different mounting pads on which the safety line or fishing line is attached. An iPhone or iPad as well as Android tablets can serve as display units for the 100 gram - light, spherical DEEPER transducer. These devices (iOS and Android) indicate the data that is being received from the transducer via Bluetooth (a free application needs to be installed on your displaying device before-hand).

In addition to the fish finder function, the DEEPER-app offers a whole range of useful fishing add-ons, such as water temperature, weather, water depth etc. Depending on your needs, the spherical transducer can also be towed by your boat.

Wie funktioniert es

We know where the fish are hiding!
Find out with your smartphone!

Deeper – smart sonar is the first portable, wireless fishfinder of its kind that was particularly developed for amateur and pro-fishermen.

You can rely on Deeper.

Find fish
Highly precise sonar images show most of the type of fish very clearly which makes it possible for you to target your prey with confidence.
See the depth
Deeper sonar is efficient enough to function in depths of 1,5 ft (0,5 m) to ~130 ft (40 m) below the water surface in salt- as well as freshwater perfectly.
Discover ground structures
Improve your fishing experience with the detailed view of the underground and the living area of the fish by using the innovative Imaging-Technology of Deeper Smart.
Know the temperature
Deeper-Temperature-Sensors offer exact variations of the water temperature, so that you always know when the perfect time for a bite has come.
Discover new locations
With the throwable Deeper-Sensor and his fastening abilities, you can explore the lake, the river or the ocean from all kinds of points of view. Scan the locations that other fishfinders can´t reach.
Catch & Share
Become a fisherman of the next generation with the integral solution - join the wold community of intelligent fishermen and be the inspiration for other people by sharing your catches.
Ultimate portable sonar
Deeper only weighs 0,22 lb/100 Gramm and has a diameter of 2,6"/ 65 mm; he is smaller and lighter than any other traditional sonar. He is specifically designed so he fits into the bait box, so you can take him with you wherever you go and put him to use in locations, where most sonars can not be, like kayaks, on shore or at the dock.
Deeper uses the Bluetooth-Technology to transfer sonar results to your smartphone or tablet from up to 150ft/45 meters. The Bluetooth connection does not use up a lot of battery power and no cellular data are used for operating the device. Therefore you can still use the internet on your smartphone or tablet while fishing.
Smart Imaging
This technology provides crystal clear images of the fish and the ground structures with amazing details directly on your smartphone or tablet. Fish are displayed illustrative and as clear targets and are separated of the structures so you can immediately understand what you see - no interpretation is necessary.
The Dual-Frequency-Function makes monitoring underwater in all kind of depths in a range of 90 kHz (55°) and 290 kHz (15°) an excellent experience. The wide cone shaped sending area offers a wide search range of fish and ground structures. The precise small beam delivers results of high accuracy of fish, structures, details and ground profiles. With Deeper you can toss your fishing line in all directions as well as focus on the ground.
To spy. To catch. To set free.
Keep full control over all functions of the sonar with the user-friendly mobile Deeper-App. Adjust the sensitivity of the sonar results to increase/decrease the displayed details, to switch between different frequencies for wider or more precise discoveries, to switch the device into a lower power usage/sleep mode or to activate it with your iOS or Android device and much more.
Wireless Sonar-Updates
Update your device on the go with the Android- or iOS-Smartphone or tablet Deeper-App. You will get the newest functions and the best performance of your sonar by updating to the newest software.
Did you catch a big one? Use the Deeper-App for mobile devices to take pictures and share them with your friends all over the wold - over Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Technical Data:

Diameter: 6,5 cm
Weight: 100 g
Range(Bluetooth): up to 50 m
Maximal achievable depth: 40 m
Units for water temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit
Units for water depth: meters, threads,
Battery: battery lithium polymer battery: 3,7 V, rechargeable
Emission cone / frequency: 15° @ 290 kHz u. 55° @ 90 kHz

Scope of delivery:

transducer with battery
220-V power supply
12-V power supply -USB cable
USB cable for charging
3 lug-threads (see video)
Neoprene Bag


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Pascal S.
van Pascal S. National flag of Frankrijk 08-05-2017 verified purchase
Très bon produit fiable et précis.
André R.
van André R. National flag of Duitsland 03-05-2016 verified purchase
Sehr zufrieden . Alles wie erwartet
Kersten U.
van Kersten U. National flag of Duitsland 12-02-2016 verified purchase
Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt kann ich nur positives berichten ! Ein optimales und handliches Teil für die Angelei vom Ufer oder vom Boot.Leicht zu händeln, klasse. Ich kann diesen Fischfinder nur empfehlen.Mich hat der DEEPER überzeugt.

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