GLEISTEIN presenteert ReBob en ReLite


GLEISTEIN presents sustainable high-performance ropes

ReBob and ReLite made from rPET - Sustainability and high performance in harmony

SVB presents: brand new halyard lines from GLEISTEIN, the ropemaker with tradition. These ropes are not just any ropes - they're made from rPET and bio-based Dyneema, two sustainable materials. But it's not just the fact they're made from 100% sustainable resources that's so impressive - GLEISTEIN's climate-neutral production, which it has been running since 2021, is also ground-breaking. How has GLEISTEIN pulled this off? Continue reading to learn how, despite the numerous setbacks encountered during product development, top performance and sustainability in the high-performance sector CAN coexist!

We're working on making water sports cleaner.

Welcome aboard! Experience the freedom of sailing surrounded by pure untouched nature. Breathe in the fresh air as you glide across the sparkling water, immersed in an endless horizon, with only the wind propelling you forward. A world without phones, screens, or other sources of distraction, just pure nourishment for the body and soul— peace and tranquillity that can only be found in clean, healthy nature.

GLEISTEIN are aware of this and have taken a step towards the future with the two new products ReBob and ReLite. Excessive waste and pollutants put a strain on the environment, making an increasingly more positive approach to natural resources even more important.

With every new product manufactured, large amounts of energy are required - companies therefore have a responsibility to minimise the impact of their production on the environment. As such, GLEISTEIN is the first rope manufacturer in the world to focus on sustainability and climate-neutral production and has been doing so successfully for several years.

Rope made from rPET

ReBob and ReLite are the result of a lengthy and difficult search at numerous manufacturing locations across the world for perfectly designed lines made of the best recyclable material. As a result, towards the end of 2022, two new high-performance lines created using recycled PET bottles (rPET) were introduced.

In doing so, environmentally conscious sailors can continue to enjoy the high-quality features of the products in GLEISTEIN's range with the added assurance that these products are not harmful to the environment. ReBob mooring line and ReLite sheets are the perfect solution to any yachtsman wishing to act in a more environmentally sustainable way, and they represent a further step towards lowering CO2 emissions in the world of water sports.

GLEISTEIN has long wanted to include more sustainability into its polyester goods, but the recycled material was never quite strong enough throughout product development. "For a long time, we couldn't quite create an end product that would meet our expectations or our high standards," reports Sales Manager Heide Giese-Bothe.

After several failures in early 2022, GLEISTEIN finally succeeded in creating a high-performance, quality fibre made from recycled polyester (rPET), and within just seven to eight months, a first prototype was ready that had passed the specific demands of raw material testing, while still delivered on the familiar GLEISTEIN quality. The materials used in the production process are subject to strict quality controls so that only the purest, unmixed material is used. „All products are thus extremely pure in sorts, highly durable and also recyclable," adds sustainability executive Christian Szente, citing further advantages. "The new ReBob and ReLite products perfectly complement our range of ropes made from bio-based Dyneema." But what exactly are the benefits of these sustainable, high-performance lines?

All the advantages of the two new products at a glance:

  • Unmixed material guarantee and highest quality
  • High-quality recycled fibres
  • CO₂-neutral production from recycled PET bottles and 100% environmentally friendly
  • Raw material naphtha is obtained entirely from sustainably managed, certified forests


  • Balanced universal line and mooring line
  • Available in navy blue and grey, silver
  • Optionally with 8 mm to 18 mm diameter (rope Ø)
  • Cover and core are made from recycled polyester
  • Strong, break and abrasion resistant and long-lasting
  • UV resistant, durable, with low water absorption.
  • Permanently flexible with balanced elongation properties for comfortable mooring


  • All-rounder and ideal for virtually all uses on board, e.g., as halyard, sheet or trim line
  • Available in green, beige and grey
  • Optionally with 6 mm to 14 mm diameter (rope Ø)
  • Good handling, strength and excellent stretch properties
  • Full control: minimal stretch with high strength & flexibility
  • Reinforced cover made of recycled polyester (rPET) for safe, long- term use on conventional fittings, core made of bio-based Dyneema

ReBoB and Relite are available in
different colours and diameters

But if you need a specific rope for your boat you can easily have it custom- made by GLEISTEIN under „Custom-made ropes“

Bio-based Dyneema®: Sustainable fibre from renewable raw materials

Bio-based Dyneema®: Sustainable fibre from renewable raw materials

In 2020, the managers at GLEISTEIN decided to invest in sustainability and convert their entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema to pure bio- based Dyeema fibres - adopting the leading role of being the world’s first textile rope manufacturer to use sustainable raw materials!

"Without compromising on quality, we now manufacture our Dyneema fibres from Finnish wood instead of synthetic petroleum products," explains Managing Director Klaus Walther. "We process more than a hundred tonnes of this fibre every year. Since October 2020, the company has continuously expanded the textile range of bio-based Dyneema, which currently extends from mooring ropes for cruise ships to almost every yacht line. The Danish Olympic sailing team, for example, has been very successful in using the new GLEISTEIN lines, proving that top performance can be achieved in the competitive sailing sector using materials based on sustainable principles. "Also, with the new ReBob and ReLite range, each fibre and the end product were carefully tested for material properties such as breaking load or resistance to colour fading," says Walther. Ongoing checks are made to see if and when the next good product can be realised. „In 2022, we set ourselves the goal of making at least one sustainable product marketable every year“, Heide Giese-Bothe, Sales Manager.

Climate-neutral production since 2021

For many years, GLEISTEIN has been working towards a balanced CO₂ footprint and has achieved this by using green electricity, building a highly efficient combined heat and power plant(CHP) and taking extensive measures to reduce electricity consumption. Because of this they received, as the first company ever, the “CO2-20 Climate Protection Company” award by the state of Bremen in 2015. Today, the company achieves climate-neutral production at all its sites, partly through carbon offset projects certified by ConClimate. "We offer CO₂ compensation as a proposition and are forward thinking," explains Klaus Walther. "We want to ensure that used products are returned to the cycle."

The rope experts have used the time that has passed to further develop their branding process. In doing so, they have focused on the values Mission and Vision: "We want to be a holistic solution provider that finds opportunities in the circular economy and consistently implements them," says Walter about the objective. "We take responsibility for our products, offer better solutions and deliver excellent quality despite the challenges of a recyclable material cycle." In the polyester sector, potential is particularly great, he says, 'because demand in production has been reaching very high levels'. „We're working on making water sports cleaner“- the slogan reiterated by Heide Giese-Bothe.

Climate-neutral production since 2020

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