SVB catalogus 2019

The Water Sports Bible

2019 SVB Catalogue: Brilliant. Insightful. Magnificent!

Wireless, Effortless, magical

You don´t need a charger to enjoy the SVB catalogue, because the battery is never empty! It is portable, can be brought along anywhere and doesn´t require WiFi or an antenna. Each page of the catalogue is packed full of high-resolution photos and detailed product descriptions, making for a truly enjoyable reading experience!

Catalogue 2019

Over 560 pages

With over 560 pages of content, you will find everything to do with technical water sports accessories - from timeless classics to indispensable safety equipment and the newest innovations on board. The SVB catalogue makes the heart of every water sports enthusiast beat just a little bit faster!

Catalogue 2019

The catalogue´s development phase

We do everything ourselves - From the initial planning to price calculation, from the layout to product selection. The products are tested, the title page is hotly debated and every page is designed with exceptional attention to detail.

Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019

Product selection, photoshoots and a lot of fun in between!

Each of these stages of development form an integral part of our catalogue's creation. The excitement never stops when it comes to catalogue development and production!

Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019

How do you get your own copy of the SVB catalogue?

Our distrubution of the SVB catalogue will commence over the course of the next few days. If you´ve never received a copy, you can order one for free! SVB customers will automatically receive a copy!

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