TEMO-450 - de praktische elektrische motor voor kleine boten


TEMO·450 – the practical electric motor for small boats

Weighing just 5kg, the TEMO 450 outboard motor transforms small, stowable inflatable boats into practical tenders for cruisers.


Cruising around the marina by dinghy or to nearby beaches are popular pastimes for many sailors, but with a conventional engine, this can often be a laborious affair.

Not so with a TEMO·450 by your side. This handy motor is the perfect solution for all leisure sailors wanting to propel their dinghy with electric power

Lightweight and easy to operate, this practical electric motor is ideal for small boats such as dinghies, kayaks or small inflatable boats. The handy electric motor is simple and straightforward to use, install and transport, and being battery powered, it represents a truly environmentally friendly alternative to petrol engines. TEMO 450 is the next big step in marine electric motor technology, allowing you to navigate waters more spontaneously with a quiet, reliable and above all greener motor with no direct emissions or dangerous exhaust fumes.

Explore the advantages of this electric boat engine in this video:

The multi-talented motor for every small boat

Thanks to an integrated telescopic handle, its length can easily be adjusted to match the size of any boat. Furthermore, the skipper can effortlessly align the engine horizontally to take into account the draught of the water. The TEMO-450 allows you to navigate in water up to 20 centimetres deep, making it easier to travel from your anchorage to the beach. The ambidextrous, multi-purpose handle ensures comfort and control in all situations and in all weather conditions.

TEMO is also extremely easy to install. With the removable rowlock or rowlock fitting, it's simple to use your motor on any number of boats for greater flexibility.


Climate-friendly propulsion

The TEMO·450 allows you to glide through the water in almost complete silence, without worrying about burning harmful fossil fuels. A fully charged battery will give you one hour of range at three knots, more than enough for short cruises around the harbour or trips to nearby bays. The motor can propel boats up to 500 kg in weight and 2.5 m in length.

Space-saving and easy to transport

The compact size and handy shape of the TEMO allows it to be easily stowed in lockers on board. It's also the perfect size to carry on land and a handy transport bag is available just for that.


Made in France

TEMO electric boat motors are made in France and subject to strict quality controls. The company is deeply committed to its customers, which is why TEMO works with the best local partners and industrialists to ensure responsible and quality-driven business growth.

By abandoning the familiar, classic shape of the motor and designing the ergonomics around the electrics, TEMO offers you a compact and durable product with reliable components. 70 % of these components are sourced in France and the product is designed so that individual parts can be repaired separately and easily if necessary.

Made in France
Made in France
Made in France

TEMO - The company

The passion for water sports and movement on the water inspired the founders of TEMO to work on the development of electric motors. The company was founded by Alexandre Seux and Justine Perussel in 2018. While sailing the world, they came up with the idea of creating their own brand of electric boat motors. TEMO now employs 14 people at its site in Nantes.

TEMO has set itself the goal of making it easier to get around with small dinghies and inflatable boats. In doing so, a sense of responsibility and respect are among TEMO's corporate characteristics. The protection of the water ecosystem through measures to decarbonise water sports is just as important as the promotion of the local economy. TEMO has already sold more than 3500 motors in 32 countries around the world and is already working on the next generation of the TEMO range.

The promise: Electric boat motors that are easy to handle to make your sailing easier!

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