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Model nr.
max. Vol.
100 l
Compressor Type
Ø Stroomverbr.
0.4 / 5.0 A
Koude Opslag Type
Afm. Koude Opslag (LxBxD)
300 x 210 x 60 mm
14 kg

Product beschrijving

The Isotherm ITC+ systems are designed for installation in existing cool boxes. They are mainly intended for use on sailboats, where battery power is at a premium. The ITC+ system provides maximum cooling capacity with minimum battery drain.

It senses when surplus power is available from the engine alternator and speeds up the compressor to rapidly freeze the holding plate. When surplus power is no longer available it reduces its energy-use accordingly. The stainless steel holding plate can be fitted at any suitable angle high up in the box before being connected to the compressor unit by the 3 meter long 6 mm diameter flexible copper piping fitted with quick-couplings. The compressor unit is small enough to be fitted in a stowage compartment or any other unused space within connecting distance from the holding plate. After connecting the leads to the battery, the prefilled system is ready to go.

Third refrigeration compressor generation with refined ITC+ system. The new Danfoss compressor is not only more compact, but also considerably lighter and more effective. In a system without ASU, the energy saving compared to older compressor types is up to 20 %. With ITC+ and other enhancements, energy consumption has been reduced by up to 50% compared to previous models. The compressor runs so quietly that we have now integrated a separate speed control for the fan, as this was more audible than the compressor. The new ITC+ system regulates the compressor and fan to the lowest possible speed when running on battery power alone.

The ITC+ system is controlled by means of a special control panel. When switched to NORMAL/AUTO, this unique system operates in fully automatic mode, maintaining the correct temperature at the lowest battery load. When battery power is not being used - for example when connected to shore power or a solar panel - MAN TEMP mode can be selected and the temperature set manually using the knob on the control panel. 12/24 Volt.

The practical "click-on" bracket for horizontal and vertical mounting is included (except for the units ASU 4201 and 4701).

Note: For water connection, we recommend replacing the existing through-hull with the one supplied. If there is no through-hull on board, a 1 1/4" ball valve, a nozzle and a hose are required for the connection. These components are not included in the delivery.

Technical data

ITC+ 3201: 14 kg, cold storage dimensions (LxWxH): 300 x 210 x 60 mm, compressor size (LxWxH):280 x 160 x 175 mm, air-cooled, freezer volume: max. 35 l
ITC+ 3701: 16 kg, cold storage dimensions (LxWxH): 355 x 280 x 60 mm, compressor size (LxWxH): 330 x 160 x 175 mm, air-cooled, freezer volume: max. 50 l
ITC+ 3251: 14 kg, cold storage dimensions (LxWxH): 300 x 210 x 60 mm, compressor size (LxWxH):280 x 160 x 175 mm, seawater-cooled, freezer volume: max. 35 l
ITC+ 3751: 18 kg, cold storage dimensions (LxWxH): 355 x 280 x 60 mm, compressor size (LxWxH):420 x 240 x 200 mm, seawater-cooled, freezer volume: max. 50 l
ITC+ 4201: 19 kg, cold storage dimensions (LxWxH): 355 x 280 x 60 mm, compressor size (LxWxH):420 x 240 x 200 mm, seawater-cooled, freezer volume: max. 50 l

What other SVB customers say

100% genuine reviews
Pedro P.
National flag of Portugal verified purchase 44530
This was to substitute a former ASU 3201 now - 30 years old that finally gave its soul. I wonder how can this new one be so much better. The first time I started it one can of coca-cola was frozen like a stone and blew. I had to moderate the beast.
It is also absolutely silent, which did not happen to the old one.
I absolutely recommend it to a sailboat which keeps sailing most of the time.
Thomas R.
National flag of Duitsland verified purchase 44531
Beratung war super
Beste Beratung und schnelle Lieferung, Einbau lief problemlos.
Klaus R.
National flag of Duitsland verified purchase 44530
Sehr gute Qualität
Installatie-instructies eigenlijk te gedetailleerd en soms verwarrend, bijvoorbeeld hoe strak de koelslangen moeten worden aangesloten ... Te weinig voor ASU koelelement. De installatie is nog steeds probleemloos.
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