Instruments for Astronomical Navigation and Weather Monitoring on Sailing Yachts and Motor Boats
In their early years, DAVIS Instruments supplied a total of 13 products. Some fifty years later, DAVIS Instruments develops and manufactures hundreds of weather monitoring, navigation and practical accessories to solve everyday problems on sailing yachts and motorboats. DAVIS Instruments is an owner-managed company based in Hayward, California. At SVB you can buy the affordable and reliable DAVIS 15 and DAVIS 25 DELUXE sextants made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. Learn more about DAVIS...
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Tried, tested and reliable

- Why should I buy a sextant? -

For all those who don't want to simply press buttons when navigating, SVB offers the DAVIS Sextant MARK 15 and the DAVIS Sextant MARK 25 DELUXE, affordable and reliable instruments for astronomical navigation. For generations of sailors and pilots, the sextant was the most important navigation instrument. With it, it is possible to determine a precise position. Although electronic GPS navigation systems are more accurate and easier to use, they are also technically problematic, which is why every navigator should be able to operate a sextant and derive his or her own conclusions from the values measured. Astronavigation is an obligatory part of training in commercial shipping and for obtaining the SHS licence (Sporthochseeschifferschein).