DEK-KING is a brand of the manufacturer Wilks (Rubber Plastics). Wilks, based in Essex, England, is one of the leading companies in the production and marketing of impact protection systems, custom-made profiles and coatings for marine and commercial use. DEK-KING is a technically high-grade PVC-based deck covering whose appearance is in no way inferior to that of a classic teak deck and which also has many advantages over wooden decking. Learn more about DEK-KING...
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The elegant alternative to a wooden deck

- At an unbeatable price -

DEK-KING can be installed on plastic, steel and wooden surfaces, is non-slip, UV-stabilized and 100% recyclable. Using it is extremely simple, only a cutting tool and a spatula for spreading the adhesive is needed. Simply grout and you are done.

DEK-KING needs no follow-up treatment with oil, does not need to be painted or sanded - more free time for you thanks to DEK-KING.