In 1978 FLIR started as a pioneer in thermal imaging technology. Today, FLIR thermal imaging cameras are used in many different areas and offer great performance in navigating. Thermal images are not based on visible light but on thermal signatures that are invisible to the naked eye. As ships, boats, buoys and other obstacles constantly emit heat energy, they are detected day and night regardless of the lighting conditions. Explore the water like never before! Stationary night vision thermal imaging cameras let you navigate safely around the clock. In addition to the firmly mounted high-end solutions, thermal imaging technology is also available for your boat in a handy, easy-to-use and affordable design. Learn more about FLIR...

FLIR Ocean Scout TK - portable thermal imaging camera for more safety on board

- For greater safety on board -

Good vision at sea can be crucial in order to quickly detect and avoid hazards. With the thermal camera you can quickly scan your surroundings for other vessels, spot buoys, important landmarks, islands or docks even in total darkness. The Ocean Scout is also a life-saving instrument for any "man overboard emergency" situation. The camera quickly locates the position of overboard persons or animals by means of their body heat and allows for an immediate rescue. In "InstAlert Mode", the camera highlights the warmest objects in red so you can complete your search and rescue even faster.