Bent u op zoek naar een milieuvriendelijk, elektrisch alternatief voor uw benzinemotor? Zeg dan vaarwel tegen zee- en luchtvervuiling en verminder het onderwatergeluid dat uw motor maakt drastisch door een MITEK elektromotor te kopen. Koop een MITEK Italië motor en lever uw eigen bijdrage aan duurzame mobiliteit. In onze SVB online shop vindt u een ruim assortiment hoogwaardige elektrische buitenboordmotoren van MITEK voor uw boot. Meer informatie over MITEK...

Who is MITEK Italy?

MITEK Italy is headquartered in the so-called Motor Valley in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Famous for its expertise in engine development, the Motor Valley brings many years of experience and tradition in this field to the development of MITEK engines. MITEK Italy has been working with companies in the maritime sector for over ten years. The result is highly tested, robust and durable solutions for ecological and sustainable mobility on the water. Through constant innovation, MITEK manages to optimise its own capabilities, investing in new technologies while identifying groundbreaking trends ahead of the curve. Passionate about the sea, MITEK takes boating and propulsion to a new level of sustainability. 

With their electric drives, MITEK is making boating and the environment a cleaner place, providing a viable solution to those not wishing to pollute the water and air with petrol. The low noise means you won't disturb the creatures of the sea, and you can enjoy the tranquillity of the water to its fullest. Furthermore, you'll no longer need to carry around heavy petrol canisters with an electric motor.

MITEK Italy helps you switch to environmentally friendly mobility that meets the demands of today and those of the future. MITEK supports customers worldwide with modernisation projects or the construction of new boats and relies 100 % on electric or hybrid drives. Thanks to their lower weight and compact dimensions, installing a MITEK motor saves space, meaning more room for comfort. As a result, MITEK Italy incorporates the most modern technical solutions with a focus on sustainability to create future-proof, reliable and high-performance products.

Why is a MITEK boat motor the best choice for your boat? 

If you are looking for an electric boat motor designed in line with environmentally friendly and sustainable principles, a MITEK Italy electric propulsion system is just what you need. Whether you want to fit an outboard motor for a small boat, tender or dinghy, or even install an inboard motor in your boat, the innovative company MITEK is a pioneer in the field of advanced and efficient boat motors with electric propulsion. With great care and attention to detail, MITEK Italy develops powerful electric motors that deliver high torque with enormous acceleration from the very first moment, even at low speeds. With minimal engine noise and no vibrations, every journey becomes an enjoyable driving experience.

Thanks to revolutionary zero-emission technology, MITEK can once again bring together boating and marine conservation as it once was in the days of the rowing boat. Experience the wonders of nature up close without harming the environment. By purchasing an engine from MITEK Italy, you are actively contributing to the reduction of emissions and the protection of nature. Switching to electric mobility is not only good for the environment, your costs will also be reduced due to the low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements. MITEK electric motors are equipped with LCD displays so you can check the battery status at any time. You can also monitor battery charge, speed, rpm and temperature via an app on your smartphone. MITEK thus makes boating and energy management more efficient.

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