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Optiparts Marine Equipment was founded in 1990. Since then, the company has become the leading provider of accessories for optimist dinghies (Opti) and has continuously developed its product range, which includes mast security, rudder hardware, floats, tarpaulins or launching trolleys. Optiparts exports to more than 80 countries worldwide. In Germany, you can of course order "Optiparts" for your entry-level dinghy in our SVB online shop.
Mast Safety Clamp for Optimist Masts
Product image of OPTIPARTS Mast Safety Clamp for Optimist Masts
Mast Deck Collar
Product image of OPTIPARTS Mast Deck Collar
OPTIPARTS Mast Deck Collar
9.95 EUR enkel € 9,95
Buoyancy Bag 44 kg
Product image of OPTIPARTS Buoyancy Bag 44 kg
OPTIPARTS Buoyancy Bag 44 kg
18.95 EUR enkel € 18,95
Dinghy Trolley
Product image of OPTIPARTS Dinghy Trolley
OPTIPARTS Dinghy Trolley
199.95 EUR enkel € 199,95
Optimist Tarpaulin
Product image of OPTIPARTS Optimist Tarpaulin
Rudder Fittings Kit
Product image of OPTIPARTS Rudder Fittings Kit
OPTIPARTS Rudder Fittings Kit
27.95 EUR enkel € 27,95

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