RWO Marine Equipment Ltd. has been manufacturing sailing equipment for over 45 years. Their portfolio includes a wide range of deck equipment such as blocks, deck rings, cleats, shackles, etc. The Mightystik telescopic tiller extension is designed for tiller-steer yachts of 6-12 metres (20-40ft) in length and gives the user the most precise steering movements. With the extendable Mightystik models, the helmsman can change the length almost at will, providing optimal steering from any sitting position. The RWO Mightystik has been designed for greater ease of use and more pleasure in sailing, for cruising or regatta yachts.
MIGHTYSTICK Tiller Extension
Product image of RWO MIGHTYSTICK Tiller Extension
Replacement retaining clip
Product image of RWO Replacement retaining clip
Guide Roller for Rail Base
Product image of RWO Guide Roller for Rail Base
Swivel Blocks For Rail Mounting
Product image of RWO Swivel Blocks For Rail Mounting

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