SeaSmart® - The intelligent cleaning system for your onboard WC / onboard toilet. SeaSmart Marine Ltd boasts over twenty years of experience in the design and manufacture of toilet hygiene equipment and disinfection systems. SeaSmart now provides an automatic sollution to the odour problem of your onboard toilet! Most on-board toilets use sea water or fresh water for flushing, which is drawn from the hull below the waterline. All sportsboat owners will undoubtedly have experienced odour problems from an onboard WC... Learn more about SEASMART MARINE...
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... But what causes odours to build up in an on-board toilet?

There are essentially two main reasons for odour developments:

Firstly, the sea or fresh water sucked into the system contains living organisms which die and decompose due to lack of oxygen and light in the pipes / hygiene hose. This produces bad-smelling, sulphurous gases and other compounds that are drawn into the toilet bowl during flushing and released into the interior of your boat. This is particularly noticeable if the boat has not been used for a long time.

Secondly, the pipes/hygienic hoses connected to the toilet pump head are made of PVC. Seawater bacteria as well as urine and faeces can penetrate the soft PVC structure over time and cause permanent bad odours. Preventing this from occurring is important to avoid having to completely exchange all the pipes / hygiene hoses!

Adding a disinfectant can help. However, if added manually, it is immediately flushed away with the next toilet flush. This allows bacteria to develop freely again. SeaSmart® disinfects your on-board toilet automatically and continuously, even if you are not on board during the week. SVB is a supplier of this hygiene system, including installation kit, battery and instructions. SeaSmart® is suitable for almost all types of manual or electric marine toilets.