TIKAL Marine Systems from Norderstedt - products for professional boatbuilding
TIKAL focuses on adhesives and sealants, putties, Tef-Gel corrosion inhibitors, tools and products for boat care. Their history began in the late 90s, when the first acrylate gels for building renovations are introduced on the market. Polyurethane and epoxy resins followed. With the acquisition of the sole agency for Tef-Gel in the German-speaking area and the development of TIKALFLEX, the range was increasingly geared towards professional shipyard production and the final consumer sector. Comprehensive approvals such as the Lloyd certification of resins or the Tef-Gel test were granted. All TIKAL products are subject to constant quality control and are traded with batch and production numbers, through which the entire production chain can be traced back to the purchase of raw materials. Learn more about TIKAL...
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TIKAL Contact 12 and Clear 10

- The multi-purpose miracle product -

Whether for bonding hatches, mounting hardware, rub rails and bulkheads or for many other materials and workpieces, Tikalflex contact 12 beats many more expensive sealants with its outstanding versatility , excellent long-term hold, reusability after opening and unbeatable price. It is even safe for use in drinking water applications and is completely harmless to your health. 

Our boat builders and seasoned experts swear by contact 12 for situations where many prefer to resort to well-known alternatives. In the meantime, however, Tikal has also earned itself a well-deserved reputation in the maritime industry. contact 12 is available in black, grey, white and transparent under the name clear 10.