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PLEXIGLAS® solid sheets are available as cast acrylic PLEXIGLAS GS and extruded acrylic, PLEXIGLAS® XT. PLEXIGLAS® GS sheets are manufactured by casting MMA between two plates of glass. PLEXIGLAS® XT sheets are manufactured from PMMA pellets. These are homogenized in an extruder and then extruded by appropriate tools into solid sheets, multi-skin and corrugated sheets, but also into tubes and rods. Although they are two different products obtained by different manufacturing methods, which therefore also differ in some of their fields of application, yet there are similarities between them as far as their properties are concerned. Feature unexcelled weather resistance and excellent surface quality, and in addittion they are highly transparent (clear sheet: 92% light transmission) and break-resistant. But PLEXIGLAS® GS withstand higher thermal and chemical stress than PLEXIGLAS® XT. We deliver clear PLEXIGLAS® XT and colored PLEXIGLAS® GS.

MAKROLON® offers high light transmission and superior impact strength. These properties make it the material of choice for glazing. Great for curved surfaces due to its high flexibility. The surface of MAKROLON®  is softer, so its more scratch sensitive than plexiglass. Our plastic polish paste virtually removes scratches, stains, salt deposits and oxidation.

Maximum sizes (Entire sheets): the PLEXIGLAS® XT / GS and MAKROLON® panels are available in a size of 3050 x 2050 mm.

Prices are shown in EUR per m²  (only rectangular surfaces). A 5 to 8% discount may apply if you order full sheets. A minimum order value of 30 Euro applies for PLEXIGLAS and MAKROLON® products . Depending on size extra shipping costs may apply.

Further informations about PLEXIGLAS® here.


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Guy D. asked
on 2 apr. 2021
Dear Mr. Mrs. Can you cut the plexiglass for lewmar portlights standard type? Regards Guy Decraemer
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