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AXIOM 9 PRO-S Multifunction Display
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RAYMARINE AXIOM 9 PRO-S Multifunction Display
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eS 78


7" multifunction display

(supports Navionics & C-MAP)


DownVision - CHIRP fishfinder

Ideal for small and mid-size boats and yachts, the Raymarine eS78 chartplotter gives you full control over sailing and your engine with the advanced LightHouse operating system with HybridTouch ™.

Raymarine HybridTouch ™ technology offers you the choice of intuitive touchscreen interactions with pinch-to-zoom or full keyboard control in rough seas. For example, new routes are quickly planned via the touchscreen, while you do not have to sacrifice precise key operation by using the multi-function knob.

Chart support

Chartplotter with full navigation

The integrated 10 Hz GPS receiver combined with pinch-to-zoom technology of the multi-touch display make the Raymarine eS78 a fully-fledged chartplotter, while allowing you to take advantage of Navionics and C-MAP Nautical Charts. The eS78 has two micro SD card slots and supports up to 32GB micro SD cards.

Take advantage of the latest chart features such as Navionics Auto Routing and C-MAP Easy Routing (C-MAP 4D MAX + Nautical Charts only).

Chart modules:

SD / Micro SD
C-Card MAX orange
C-Card NT + black

Compatible with the following nautical charts:

C-MAP 4D C-MAP 4D Full C-MAP 4D Continental Navionics + Navionics Platinum +

Nautical charts Features:

Chart system Vector charts Raster / paper cards Easy- / AutoRouting Tides Satellite images High-resolution depth lines
C-MAP 4D Full
C-MAP 4D Continental
Navionics +
Navionics Platinum +

Integrated WiFi & Bluetooth

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module, you can mirror and operate the Raymarine eS78 with your smartphone or tablet or iPhone or iPad. Just download Raymarine's mobile apps to your mobile device.

Furthermore, you can use a Quantum radar antenna to wirelessly connect to the Raymarine eS78.

  • Control your Raymarine eS78 directly from your compatible smartphone or tablet
  • Mirror your screen on a compatible smartphone or tablet
  • The integrated WiFi module allows a direct connection to a Raymarine Quantum radar antenna
  • Use the Bluetooth interface to connect the Raymarine RCU-3 wireless remote
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.


SeaTalkNG - NMEA200 / NMEA0183 support

1: EV1 sensor, 2: AIS transponder, 3: DST800 - depth, speed, temperature, 4: ST60 / ST40 series - SeaTalk1, 5: SeaTalk1 - SeaTalkNG converter

Full SeaTalkNG / NMEA2000 connectivity

The Raymarine eS78 is equipped with a SeaTalkNG interface. This enables a simple network setup and the rapid exchange of data from a wide range of instruments and encoders. Control your Evolution autopilot conveniently via the autopilot control unit and the eS78. Plan new routes on the eS78 and send them to your autopilot using SeaTalkNG / NMEA2000.

Thanks to the NMEA2000 standard, the Raymarine eS78 is also compatible with third-party NMEA2000-compliant encoders. Depending on the encoders present in the NMEA2000 network, you can display the following data, among others:

  • Wind data (wind direction, speed)
  • Depth & Temperature Data
  • Speed through water (Speed) and speed over ground (SOG)
  • Environmental parameters
  • Position and navigation data
  • Compass / heading data
  • AIS data
  • Dynamic motor parameters

SeaTalk1 compatible

With the help of the Raymarine SeaTalk1 on SeaTalkNG Converter, you can bidirectionally integrate your old Raymarine ST40 or ST60 instruments into the SeaTalkNG network and display the data on the Raymarine eS78.

NMEA0183 interface

The NMEA0183 compatibility allows the Raymarine eS78 to connect to NMEA0183-enabled devices such as AIS, radios or external GPS receivers. For the use of the NMEA0183 interface, a NMEA0183 data cable is required (Art .: 21600).

Raynet / Ethernet compatible


Ensure a secure connection by, for example, connecting a Raymarine Quantum radar antenna directly to the eS78 using Raynet. Alternatively you can connect two eS78 displays with each other. For example, sharing two eS78 shares the data of your electronic nautical chart. The following data is exchanged between the devices via Raynet.

  • SeaTalkNG / NMEA2000 data
  • NMEA0183 data (no AIS data)
  • CardSharing - Transfer the nautical chart data from one device to another

For the connection of more than one eS78 or the additional use of a Raymarine Quantum antenna is recommended the use of a Raynet HS5 switch.

Fishfinder - CHIRP DownVision™

Fishing with the Raymarine eS series allows you to spend more time catching fish and less time searching! This is made possible by the integrated CHIRP DownVision ™ module (encoder / transducer optional), which delivers high-resolution underwater images.

Recommended encoders

Both encoders provide DownVision™ and CHIRP:

Down Vision ™


More functions


Onboard video with support for up to 10 IP cameras and an analog camera. View images from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Record and take snapshots of your digital video stream.

LightHouse II software

  • Network with Raymarine Digital, HD and Super HD radar systems
  • Advanced HD color signal processing with 256 colors target underride
  • Best-in-class mode for automatic bird mode (HD Radar only) for finding bird swarms and schools of fish
  • Dual Range Mode and Dual Radar Antenna (HD Radar Only)
  • High Speed 48rpm Scanning (HD Radar Only)

The eS78 devices are supplied with the LightHouse 2 software pre-installed. It is possible to update to LightHouse 3. Please note that it is not possible to install the LightHouse2 software after updating to LightHouse 3. Functionality of LightHouse 2 and LightHouse 3 is different. Detailed information regarding the differences between LightHouse 2 and 3 on the eS series can be found on the Raymarine Webseite.

Feature LightHouse 2 LightHouse 3
3D map mode Yes No
Number of boat symbols 2 - changes automatically with boat type selection. 12 - Independent selection
Boat icon context menu No Yes
Chart Measurement Ruler Yes No
Chart Synchronization — Split Screen Pages Yes No
Enhanced AIS Symbols No Yes
Find Nearest (info) Yes Yes
Fuel manager Yes Yes
GRIB Weather Viewer Yes Yes
Nearby Objects (selection) No Yes
Race sailing features Yes No
SAR (Search And Rescue) pattern Yes No
Target Interception Yes No
Tide and Current Graphs Yes Yes
Waypoint Capacity 3000 10,000
Waypoint Search Area Box Yes Yes

Thermal night vision
  • Stay safe with superior FLIR thermal imaging technology
  • Easy to use, just like the control of your TV
  • Detect obstacles such as rocks, floating objects and other debris
  • Quickly identify overboard people and animals
  • Slew-to-cue improves situational awareness and safety on board. The thermal imager automatically keeps track of the goals at all times

Evolution autopilot
  • Control your Raymarine EVOLUTION autopilot directly from the eS-series screen, track the waypoints and routes with precision - thanks to the 9-axis sensor technology used in aerospace applications

Engine integration
  • Complete monitoring of motors, generators, batteries and much more
  • NMEA 2000 compatible
  • ECI-100 Universal connectivity for Yanmar, Yamaha, Honda and many more

Please note that the multifunction knob may be stiff to operate straight from the factory. This is to allow for precise control which minimises operating errors and does not represent a malfunction of the device.

Included in delivery & technical data

Technical specifications

Model ES78
Cartography LightHouse, Navionics, C-MAP
Tides & currents Navionics or C-MAP required
GPS Integrated GNSS receiver: GPS / GLONASS / Beidou * - 10 Hz 72-channel. RS130 optional
Waypoints, Routes & Tracks 3,000 wpts / 200 wpt groups / 150 rts - 250 wpt max / 15 tracks - 10,000 max trk pts
Display size 7" Optical Bonded LCD
Display resolution 800 x 480 WCGA
Display Art multitouch
Brightness 1,250 nits
Viewing angle Up / Down: 60 ° / 70 °
Left / Right: 70 ° / 70 °
Dimensions 9.6 "x 5.7" x 2.6 "
(244mm x 145mm x 66mm)
Weight 1.7 kg (3.74 lbs)
Assembly Flush / Bracket (R70381) / Rear (Rear Mt Accessories - A80341)
Water resistance IPX6 / IPX7
Operating temperature -25 ° C to + 55 ° C (-13 ° F to 131 ° F)
Storage temperature -30 ° C to + 70 ° C (-22 ° F to 158 ° F)
Ethernet 1 x 10/100 Mbits / Network (RayNet)
NMEA 0183 2 Rx / 1Tx NMEA0183 (Accessory Cable - R70414)
SeaTalkNG / NMEA 2000 1 x NMEA2000 / SeaTalkng port
SeaTalk 1 Requires E22158 SeaTalk (1) to SeaTalkng Converter Kit
Wi-Fi WiFi - 802.11 b / g
BlueTooth Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR power class 1.5 (Supports AVRCP 1.0)
Radar capable Yes
Thermal night vision Yes
Sonar option Integrated CHIRP Downvision sonar module
Transducer / Max. Depth 50 / 200kHz, 3000ft / 900ft sonar / 600ft DownVision
External sonar module Yes, digital, CHIRP and CHIRP SideVision options
Memory slot 2 x microSD each up to 32GB
Audio Fusion - Ethernet & N2K / Bluetooth / SiriusXM Audio
Video / Camera 1 x composite BNC input (optional cable - R70414)
Up to 10 IP cameras
Remote control (optional) RMK-10 & RCU-3
AIS capable Yes
Autopilot control Yes
Digital switching Yes, EmpirBus compatible
Voltage 12V / 24V DC (10.8V DC to 31.2V DC)
Power Consumption 11.7W - 0.98A @12V (at full brightness) / 6.28W - 0.52A @12V (standby)
Delivery contents Display, Power Cable (STR 1,5m R70159), Power Cap, Sunshade (R70378), Trim Kit / Key Cover (R70379), Trunnion Mount Kit (R70381), Seal (R70380), Mounting Hardware, Surface Mount Template, Quick Start Guide



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Raymarine ES78 Facile a installer
Le plus L'installation super simple avec le seatalk starter kit. Facilité d'utilisation a la barre de mon voilier. Cartographie ou données... une multitude de choix et de personnalisation... Radar sonar camera thermique etc.
Les moins Plastique de mauvaise qualité et assez fragile. A prends soin avec le temps. Ne durera pas 16 ans comme mon dernier GPS RN300 ;)
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This rating belongs to item no. 93572

Le deuxième achat du même produit, pour dire à quel point je trouve cet appareil très performant et complet. Évolutif, simple et parfait.
Jean Luc
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Ich bin sehr gut zu frieden mit diesem Artikel
Ich bin überrascht über die Möglichkeiten dieses gerätes
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Satisfaction with this product

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alles gut
Multifunktionsdisplay eS78 ist so wie beschrieben, O.K.
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This rating belongs to item no. 93572

Einmaliges Preis Leistung Verhältnis
Sehr gut als Segler nutzbar! Allerdings sitzt es sehr stramm in der Bügel Halterung, so dass es nicht so einfach abgebaut werden kann.
Ansonsten Spitzentechnik für Guten Preis!
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Satisfaction with this product

This rating belongs to item no. 93572

très bon rapport qualitéprix
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Satisfaction with this product

This rating belongs to item no. 93572

Paramétrage et notice d'emploi
Le produit me plait cependant, dommage pour le mode d'emploi que en anglais. Oui téléchargeable en Français mais pour l'impression, il faut couper un hectare de forêt..
Néanmoins, je n'arrive pas à afficher la vitesse et la température de l'eau à l'identique des données de profondeur. si quelqu'un peu m'aider, je suis preneur
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