Life Vest & Raft Maintenance

Life Vest & Raft Maintenance

Your safety comes first! SVB offers a certified maintenance servicing by qualified personnel. At SVB your life vest and life rafts will be maintained in-house by our qualified and subject specific staff.

Your safety - our job

  • certified product maintenance according to international standards
  • complete documentation of maintenance in log or record book
  • trained SVB maintenance professionals

SVB is a certified maintain location for:

Life jackets

Zodiac   SEATEC Kadematic   Secumar   seago   Spinlock

Life rafts

Zodiac   SEATEC Plastimo   Bombard   AVON*

* Life rafts by AVON / Modula dating from 2008 on cannot receive service / maintenance at SVB

Maintenance for your life jacket

An automatic life jacket should be maintained regularly in order to guaranty a successful operation. Especially when you have a self-inflating life jacket it is necessary to follow the prescribed maintaining interval. If there is no maintaining interval given by the manufacturer of the life jacket, we recommend a checkup 2 years after the purchase. Even if your life jacket has only been worn without being released, it is still exposed for example to the sun, salty water and shocks.

You should check your life jackets every time before going on a boating turn to make sure that your life jacket is fully functional. Check the outer appearance, the belts, the buckles, the CO2-cartridge and the trigger function (green display). Life jackets that are older than 10 years have to be maintained by its manufacturer and after that the maintenance should happen annually.

Repair of the lifejacket: If your lifejacket is damaged, we can also perform a repair. From defective seams to exchanging the swim bladder or repairing the protective cover, everything is possible. The procedure is done in cooperation with you and a cost estimate is created.

If you wish us to maintain your life jacket, please indicate your package with the title "WESTENWARTUNG". Just send us your life vest/raft - we will take care of it!

SEAGO maintain locations

Life Vest servicing includes:

  • a 16 hour density test of the inflated lifting body of the life jacket
  • a water-check of the automatic
  • a checking of the trigger
  • a checking of the mouth valve
  • a checking of the CO2-cartridge
  • assembling of new gaskets
  • a general inspection - especially of the belt system
SEATEC life vest

Maintaining of life rafts

SVB is a certified maintain location for life rafts of the brands PLASTIMO and PLASTIMAR. At SVB your life rafts will be maintained in-house by our qualified and subject specific staff. The inspection is documented and exposed in a logbook. All other raft brands will be send to its manufacturer for their correct servicing.

The scheduled service of life rafts requires special and not only product specified accuracy. Every life raft has a prescribed maintaining period given by its manufacturer, which is to be kept.

Life raft servicing includes:

  • a general inspection of the life raft
  • the replacement of for example gaskets, ropes, water etc.
  • the packaging into a vacuum bag and into the original packaging