Autonautic combines precision and durability in the development and production of all of their products. Their extensive range of instruments are all produced with special attention to detail. Their wide selection of products includes: compasses, precision watches, barometers and innovative nautical navigational systems.

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Marine Compass with Bracket
Product image of AUTONAUTIC Marine Compass with Bracket
Marine Compass C3
Product image of AUTONAUTIC Marine Compass C3
Compass SP
Product image of AUTONAUTIC Compass SP
229.95 EUR € 273,70 enkel € 229,95
V-Finder Handbearing Compass
Product image of AUTONAUTIC V-Finder Handbearing Compass
PACIFIC 120 Instrument Series
Product image of AUTONAUTIC PACIFIC 120 Instrument Series
Instrument Series MINOR 72
Product image of AUTONAUTIC Instrument Series MINOR 72
ATLANTIC 95 Instrument Series
Product image of AUTONAUTIC ATLANTIC 95 Instrument Series

The first milestone towards success was laid in Barcelona in 1974. The customers were their main priority from the beginning and it remains that way to this very day. In Spain, Autonautic solidified its reputation very quickly. From 2004 onwards, their international market has increased significantly. Today, Autonautic has a strong network of global distributors. Their growth and success has also increased the demands on their products. Therefore, the Autonautic team is continually striving to attain the highest standards for all of their products.

For maximum navigational safety. All Autonautic compasses adhear to MED/SOLAS 96/98 ES guidelines for vessel equipment.

Their especially modern and stylish marine compasses ensure that you will never lose your bearing while on board. The compasses also come with a mounting bracket and integrated lighting to make them real eye-catchers on board. The Autonautic Compass SP is especially suitable for installation in the steering columns of small sailboats and motorboats.

Classic design combined with modern technology. The PACIFIC watch series comes with an elegant gold and chrome plated body.

Instruments which provide an excellent overview. The ATLANTIC 95 instrument series contains a: quartz clock, barometer, thermometer and hygrometer. This series truly showcases Autonautic's elegant and timeless design.

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